Our range of uniquely designed and manufactured hunting jewellery; including elements such as warthog tusks and lion claws are pieces to treasure! We specialize in passionately creating hunting jewels; pendants, rings, neck-pieces and bangles which encapsulates a back to basic – skin and bone” designer jewellery! Our clients come from all corners of the globe and we have become famous for our unique “African Jewellery” creations that can be found no-where else!
M2 Jewellery

Welcome to home of M2 Jewellery - a passionate design house that conceptualizes, designs and manufactures the most exquisite, unique and ‘truly African’ range of Hunting Jewellery.

M2 Jewellery have been creating our ‘one of a kind’ jewellery pieces since 1988; and they are uniquely crafted by working with natural elements from the African “wild”.

Creatively and perfectly detailed, you will find elements such as Warthog tusks, Lion claws and Giraffe Tail combined with White and Yellow Gold, sterling silver; intricate engravings and every precious gem and birthstone you can imagine!

The M2 product range of pendants, rings, neck-pieces and bangles encapsulates a back to basic – skin and bone designer jewellery that are truly pieces to treasure; and which you will not find anywhere else; or in any corner of the globe!