About Us

Maryna de Klerk has always loved the wild with a special affinity for the unique beauty found in elements of nature such as Warthog Tusks.

With her passion for design and drawing, she started crafting beautiful jewellery pieces using these natural elements and this soon became the exceptional expression of this very unique gift!

In 1988, M2 Jewellery was formally founded; and started to market Maryna’s special creations to hunters. Her success is also based on her firm belief in quality service and craftsmanship.

M2 lovingly refers to “Maryna to the power of 2”; since she had found her joy in her life work- doing exactly what she loves – and bringing something completely unique to the world!

More than two decades later, M2 Jewellery still uses raw African material and converts that into rare masterpieces. M2 Jewellery is made from the essence of Mother Africa - bone, tusk, claws, etc. unique African pieces for the Hunting enthusiast and the selective connoisseur.

Every M2 Jewellery piece is a unique master piece and one of a kind. No 2 designs can ever be the same, but can resemble an equal beauty!

We specialize in working with you individually and to design and manufacture to your exact requirements and specifications; and personalized service to our clients is our highest priority!