M2 Jewellery is a passionate design house that conceptualizes, designs and manufactures the most exquisite, unique and ‘truly African’ range of Hunting Jewellery.

Every M2 Jewellery piece is a unique master piece and one of a kind. No 2 designs can ever be the same, but can resemble an equal beauty!

We therefore specialize in working with you individually and to design and manufacture to your exact requirements and specifications.

Personalized service to our clients is our highest priority!

Custom creations are our most important service, since every design is uniquely crafted to be a ‘one of a kind’ jewellery pieces by working with natural elements from the African “wild”.

Our Jewellery is made from the essence of Mother Africa - bone, tusk, claws, etc. unique African pieces for the Hunting enthusiast and the selective connoisseur.

While you are in the country, we will see you on site and try our utmost to manufacture your specified piece in time for your departure; alternatively, it will be delivered by courier and we take utmost care.

All orders are handled with the strictest confidentiality and professionalism.